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31 Day Character Creation Challenge

You can read about the challenge here:

Summary: The idea is to create a new character every day for the month of January. It doesn’t matter what RPG system you use, or if you use the same one or many different ones. The points is to get more familiar with the mechanics of games you have an interest in by creating characters. I’m 18 days late to the challenge, but I’m going to give it my best. I’m starting out with a villain I randomly generated using the Villains and Vigilantes 3.0 rules (aka Mighty Protectors). Meet the Geminator:

The Geminator

Castor was caught in a freak lightning storm that struck him down. When he awoke he was face to face with an exact copy of himself. They fought discovering their superhuman ability to control electricity, fly and move at super speeds. The fight lasted for hours due to the twins ability to gain energy from the very air around them. It ended with one absorbing the other in a flash of lightning. Castor was reluctant to summon his clone again, but the more he tested his abilities and turned them to selfish ends, the more help he needed. He would always reluctantly summon his duplicate and there was always a fight or an argument about who the real Castor was. Sometimes they would sulk for days only to have one ambush the other and reabsorb them. Who was the real Castor–and who was the fake. Neither of them know for sure. When I randomly rolled Phobia as one of his two Weaknesses, I thought it would be compelling to give this character a fear of his other self. This creates a chaotic and unrelaible character, much like the unpredictable nature of lightning itself.


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