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Grackleflint’s Advanced Guide to Building a Support Character in V&V 3.0 “Mighty Protectors”

Welcome to the fifth character build guide. I know this is a niche RPG and as such, I’m not getting a lot of traffic to this blog, but if you are reading and enjoying these guides, please leave a comment and let me know what’s working for you, what isn’t, and what you’d like to see. Let’s get started on the build. In modern gaming terms a Support class or character is someone that heals, protects, or enhances the abilities and effectiveness of their allies. Comics have had their fair share of characters with healing abilities, but I was having a hard time finding heroes that are purely built for support. This being the case, I looked at the V&V 3.0 Abilities for inspiration, and to one of my players whose character Lodestar is one of the most tightly designed in our entire campaign. Unfortunately, he’s currently in a coma under the care of the Crusaders. That’s what happens when you’re so effective—the villains tend to focus on you to your detriment. Lodestar was built to heal and protect his allies, but it’s how he does it that’s so slick. He does this—correction, did this—by exploiting Teleportation. With the Teleportation Modifier “Beam” he used it to teleport dangerous villains away or bring allies close to him where he could then use Healing. Teleportation takes place during Movement which saved his Action for Healing or creating Force Bubbles. In addition to his support, he had one offensive tool—the humble but very effective Power Blast. This meant that no matter what the situation was, Lodestar was always contributing something—mobility, protection, healing, or damage. Entire fights would pivot on his versatility and this made his character the ultimate Support in my eyes. Until now.

You see, V&V 3.0 introduced Ability Modifiers. These allow players to customize their Abilities in ways that make them totally unique, flavorful, and useful in ways that they might not have considered. One that jumped out at me when I was creating the Support character for this guide was Reversible. A Reversible Ability is one “…that can also produce the opposite effect (for example, an Electrical Bolt that can be used to inflict or heal Electrical Energy damage)” for the cost of 10 CPs. Speaking of healing, I’m gonna be honest here. Some of the Abilities as written are total stinkers, and Healing is probably one of the worst. Even with a whopping 20 CP investment you can only heal 2 Hit Points (4 if you Push), and it takes an entire Round. As soon as I saw Reversible, I flipped to one of the most powerful Abilities in the book—Siphon. Sure enough, Reversible makes this Ability better than Healing in every way. 10 CPs in Siphon with +10 more spent on Reversible has the same Range as Healing, but costs zero Power and can inflict 2d4 damage or heal 2d4 Hit Points. As I’ve said before, a Standard Power level hero—which is what I tend to build the most—has an Ability Cap of 20 CPs. So, with that in mind I started looking for other Abilities that are still powerful with only a 10 CP investment. Devitalization Ray is one such Ability. At 10 CPs it inflicts a staggering 2d8+d10 Power damage. A couple of hits can quickly shut down a target’s Abilities, and leaves them without a way to Push, or ‘Roll With’ Damage or Save Attacks. With the Reversible Modifier, Devitalization Ray perfectly fits our Support mold, replenishing buckets of Power to your allies.

As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of Lodestar’s design, and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I’m going to pick up Force Field, and Teleport. I’ve seen firsthand how Power hungry his build is, so I’m also buying Energy. For defense and utility, I’m going to the well to pick up some Armor and Heightened Expertise. Here are our Abilities and their Modifiers:

Siphon w/ Reversible

Devitalization Ray w/ Reversible

Force Field w/ Area Effect – Perimeter, Moves with Self, Reduced PR, and Does Not Block Teleportation

Teleport w/ Beam

Energy w/ Gear

Armor w/ Gear and Light Partial Coverage

Heightened Expertise


Compulsion: Rejuvenator always puts the safety of others above her own.

The idea is to have a character that can not only replenish Hit Points, but Power as well which is arguably more valuable when you think about it. It’s used to fuel your Abilities, Push past your normal limits, and ‘Roll With’ Damaging and Save Attacks. Every point of Power represents offense, defense, damage mitigation, and resistance. I would argue that this version of Devitalization Ray is even more important than healing in most situations. Enough pontificating–I’m going to go do some min-maxing and then I’ll be back.

Introducing Rejuvenator!

Rejuvenator’s tactics focus on depleting her foes Power to end fights early thus preventing as much damage as possible. She always puts the health and well-being of her teammates above her own, teleporting them out of danger, healing them, or protecting them with Force Bubbles which she can carry and drop where needed. Her only offensive tool is Siphon, which has a range of Touch. While she does have protective Armor, getting into melee should be a last resort. Lastly, she has Heightened Expertise to increase her overall effectiveness in combat. I hope you found this guide helpful, and please feel free to submit your character build ideas or requests in the comments.


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