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31 Day Character Creation Challenge (day 20)

You can read about the challenge here:

Meet the Pistol Shrimp:

The Pistol Shrimp, protector of the vulnerable.

Paul was a humble social worker and teacher at an alternative school for disadvantaged youth. One day Paul tackled a shooter that had attacked the school, saving the lives of his students and the other faculty. Suddenly he was getting his 15 minutes of fame. There was an award ceremony with the mayor of L.A. and he did some interviews and TV apprearances. A few weeks after the fervor died down he was approached by eccentric millionaire Frank Shim. Shim said he had been looking for someone like Paul for years. Someone to wear his armor and take up the mantle of his superhero persona–the Pistol Shrimp. Shim had made his millions with his miniaturization technology, and some questionable weapons contracts with the U.S. Government. Paul was reluctant but eventually gave in an accepted the hi-tech suit of armor. He’s been fighting crime in and around LA for some time now. Ever the progressive, his favorite thing to do is show up to protests to ensure that no violence breaks out, on either side of the thin blue line.


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